General Photography:

I will create a password protected web gallery for you to veiw your images, from there you will have the option to buy prints and downloads.
Family Photos
Having a family get together?
I'll be happy to call round and take individual and group photos of you and your family.
Pet Photographs
Do you have a furry friend?
Cats, Dogs and other popular pets photographed at your home or at a scenic location near you.
Insurance Claim Photography
Photography of damage to your property, vehicle or valuables for insurance purposes. Keep a photographic record of your damage to assist with insurance valuations or claims.
Injury claims Photography
If you have been injured in an accident at work or on holiday you may need to make an insurance claim. High quality professionally taken photograph of the injury is taken as soon as possible after the accident. This can help your case tremendously and in many cases you should be able to claim the cost of the photography back as part of the claim. Please check with your insurance provider if in doubt.